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This company was established in 1990 and was quickly recognized by the market for good reputation of  technologically advanced company.

BM TRACTORS can boast a great experience in the manufacture of farm and industrial tractors and overtime it has secured an excellent position on the market and a reputation for technically advanced.

The know-how achieved in designing and constructing multi-purpose tractors contributes to give to BM TRACTORS a world leader positioning, thanks to high quality level and strong competitiveness of price.

Our goal is to constantly improve the understanding of customers in order to meet the requirements, anticipate their expectations in terms of evolution of products and services through meticulous observation of the following points:

  • to satisfy the customers with more customized products to the specific needs and able to maintain the technical performance over time;
  • to be flexible and quick to respond to market demand;
  • to provide increased value to customers;
  • to develop relationships of trust and sustained over time with customers and dealers;
  • to have a slim and variable cost's structure;
  • to invest constantly in incremental product innovation to meet increasingly latent needs of customers.

For more information on these original and very versatile tractors in the specification sheet.

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